Case Studies

Our case studies represent the success stories of our clients. With humans at the centre of everything we do, our clients have improved their apps, their customer services, their websites, their infrastructure and their businesses by focusing on what matters the most. Their people.

Exploring Gender Pay Gap in Jersey

Is there a Gender Pay Gap?

Understanding insights into the experiences and views on any gender pay gaps and the wider associated issues in Jersey

Customer Satisfaction

Community impact

In order for LibertyBus to continue improving their services, they needed to ask their customers for feedback on their experience and opinion of all elements of their service, therefore they commissioned 4insight to run an independent annual customer satisfaction survey.

Values and motivations

Test, testing and more testing!

4insight partnered with Clasado BioSciences and their creative agency Ogilvy Healthworld to explore their target customers values and motivations in order to enhance the Bimuno brand, it’s positioning, brand strategy including refining their key marketing concepts and messages.

Marketing and Website Design

Promotion and visual testing

Locate Jersey felt it was time to re-design their marketing materials and website.

Rental experiences in Jersey

Rental impact on users

Jersey Consumer Council wanted to investigate domestic rental accommodation as almost half of Jersey’s households are currently renting. They commissioned us to carry out independent research into tenant’s experiences, particularly exploring agency costs, rental costs, availability & tenants’ rights.

Government of Jersey Website

User needs and expectations

The States of Jersey Web Services Team were preparing to redesign their website, and felt it was important to run observational UX testing in order to fully understand the current user experience. 4insight conducted individual, in-depth quali UX eye-tracking tests with respondents who were a range of ages, social demographics, and confidence levels.

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