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As a trusted partner of many large organisations and government bodies, we are always impartial and apolitical. Our staff are highly trained by leading industry professional bodies to ensure the highest quality of data is collected with no bias or leading questions.

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The largest marketing research consultancy in the Channel Islands.

What We Do

We discuss with our clients the area they wish to understand better. From there we will recommend the most appropriate research method to capture the most valuable data for their needs and budget.

We will gather a sample of people and undertake the research. Once we have captured the data we analyse it, extract the value and findings and present it with conclusions based on the agreed parameters that we are researching for the customer.

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Our Process

Our process is as follows;

  1. Meet our customers and discuss requirements and areas of interest
  2. Propose the most appropriate research strategy for the requirements
  3. Gather a study sample if required
  4. Undertake the research
  5. Analyse the data and draw conclusions
  6. The synthesis of which we can advise the next step to form the solution
  7. Present to the customer

Our People

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy loves kayaking, walking with her dog and Jersey’s delicious sustainable shellfish.

She has over 25 years experience in international marketing research and strategic planning and brand management both clientside and agency. Her global qualitative research experience is across healthcare, legal, financial and tourism industries – throughout the brand lifecycle and customer journey. Business marketing and strategic insight especially in segmentation, positioning, branding & concept development plus testing.

Sam Bowen

Sam loves music, whether producing it himself or going to gigs and festivals. He’s partial to a bit of football, golf or cricket and can occasionally be found at St Ouens attempting to surf!

Professionally trained in in-depth interviewing, qualitative analysis and online survey programming. Island-born Law graduate with a 2:1 bachelor’s degree from the University of Exeter.

Experienced in the running of both qualitative and quantitative marketing research projects in varied sectors, such as finance, media, transport and regulatory.

Katie Falle

Katie enjoys being outdoors and active, either cycling, hiking Jersey’s wonderful coastal paths or out on the sea on the paddle board or sailing.

Statistician and data manager with a Master’s degree in Statistics and 20+ years of experience in quantitative research methods both the private and public sectors.


We are always on the lookout for talent to join the 4insight team. Some of the benefits that our team enjoy working for 4insight;

  • Overall wellbeing and quality of life as a top priority
  • Flexible hours
  • Family friendly working environment
  • An opportunity after 3 years to take a sabbatical for up to a year
  • Committed to diversity and inclusivity

We value people and want them to be free to be themselves and feel empowered, so we have a workplace and philosophy which is truly inclusive.

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