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As a marketing research company in Jersey, we are always impartial and apolitical. We are trained by professional research bodies, ensuring that no biased or leading questions are used. Members of professional research bodies in UK, Europe and international; MRS, ESOMAR, AQR. Additionally complying with Jersey Data Protection Law 2018. For more information click on our Privacy Policy.

We value people and want them to be free to be themselves and feel empowered, so we have a workplace and philosophy which is truly inclusive.

Within our business we look at contributing to a better community by providing the following:

  • Overall wellbeing and quality of life as a top priority
  • Flexible hours
  • Family friendly working environment
  • An opportunity after 3 years to take a sabbatical for up to a year
  • We are very committed to the environment and passionate – all single use plastic banned
  • Committed to diversity and inclusivity
  • Having open, honest and proactive relationships within our team and with our clients
  • Significantly contributing to charities, both financial and by offering special low rates to the third sector for marketing research in Jersey
  • Apolitical and independent

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