Clasado BioSciences is a leading global biotechnology company headquartered in Jersey.

Clasado BioSciences researches and develops the worlds most advanced galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) products, providing solutions for Food, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical companies across the global Wellness market. 4insight partnered with Clasado BioSciences and their creative agency Ogilvy Healthworld to explore their target customers values and motivations in order to enhance the Bimuno brand, it’s positioning, brand strategy including refining their key marketing concepts and messages.

A multi-faceted approach was used; firstly we held focus groups across UK, US and China. The rich insights gained through these groups then helped shape an online survey which went live in all 3 countries.

The findings helped Clasado BioScience build an appealing customer facing story and motivating future branding and messaging for Bimuno’s current and potential customers. We also had identified different target customer psychographic/attitude segments by exploring the emotional and language used to aid targeted motivating marketing campaigns by segment.