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4insight is a global, professional insight and research agency, based in Jersey. We help our clients understand people, their choices and their motivations. We uncover perceptions and explore experiences, gaining critical insight, which optimises communication and drives our clients’ success. We are widely experienced in all aspects of UX and CX research.

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A leading authority on qualitative marketing research, with major skills in delving deep into perceptions and drivers, to allow successful strategy, quality brand building, successful motivating communications, positioning, customer segmentation and policy development.



Expert in market intelligence, competitive research and business, brand & risk valuation. Ray has been active in business intelligence research since 1995, and has also conducted more than fifteen company/brand acquisitions.

“Working with 4insight has been pivotal in providing our Branding project with valuable insight in a way that made us think, and respond, differently. Their approach is a refreshing change and one that immersed us totally in their thinking and delivery, allowing us to focus on what was important for the brand. Every project was delivered on time despite, on a number of occasions, our changing of the goalposts and such events did not trouble 4insight at all. We have recently rolled out some of the components that were researched and I am pleased to say that the consumer response is meeting the expectations that the research uncovered. They have been instrumental in helping us to look at marketing opportunities in a different and rewarding way.”

Graham Waters, CEO, Clasado Biosciences

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