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4insight is a global, professional insight and marketing research agency. We help our clients understand people, their choices and their motivations. We uncover perceptions and explore experiences, gaining critical insight, which optimises communication and drives our clients’ success.


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Case Studies

User-testing the redesign of the website

How Jersey Consumer Council investigated domestic rental accommodation and rental impact on users

How Locate Jersey designed a responsive website that resonates with, and appeals to, their target audience

How Clasado BioSciences explored their target customers values and motivations in order to enhance the Bimuno brand


Working on such a big project as an airline website, meant that every design decision was a critical one. The guidance we got from 4insight was invaluable, and as a result, we were able to make decisions based on true insight. We wouldn’t take on another project of this size without 4insight.

Ben Clarke

Creative and Digital Director

Partnering with 4insight has enabled us to ensure that our new booking engine is user-centric with improved functionality and navigation, offering a better customer booking experience. Quality user eyetracking testing run by 4insight in Jersey, Guernsey and the UK was key to observe and listen to our customers

Justin Amey

Head of Sales and Marketing

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