Online Surveys in Jersey; Employing leading edge online-survey technology, 4insight can generate real world data from which to base your next strategic manoeuvre.

Through the utilisation of our well-managed and expansive panel of respondents covering a range of demographics, or various sampling techniques and methodologies such as street or telephone interviewing, we can reach your target audience. This along with our trained interviewers and adaptively designed surveys lead to a higher response rate; and with expert analysis employing our refined software package means that we can provide you with the evidence and knowledge that you need.

Surveys can be designed for mixed completion; online surveys for easy completion via PC, tablet or Smartphone, with availability for completion by paper-copy or ability to call 4insight to run through the questions over the phone to meet the needs of those with varied access and accessibility.

4insight use best engagement practices with our in-house professional online survey technology which allows for cross tabulations by various questions to be conducted allowing comparisons across any different groups / segments that are representative of Jersey.

Surveys can be be hosted by 4insight,  ensuring adherence to strict Codes of Conduct, (MRS, ESOMAR), independence, and allows more open honest responses by participants.

Demographics can be checked to see if any group is lower, street interviewers can then be targeted to interview (CAPI) on iPads to address any of these segment gaps

Key benefits:

  • Independently run surveys in Jersey, gathering data from a large statistically representative sample
  • Available on mobile, PC, tablet, paper & by phone
  • Gain a statistically representative sample size
  • Ability to conduct cross tabulations, allowing comparisons across any different groups / segments
  • Demographics can be checked to see if any group is lower than the representative sample size for Jersey, which can then be supplemented by street interviewers specifically targeted at any gaps, plus social media promotion for online surveys for targeted audiences




What Surveys can do for you:
  • Surveys give you quantitative evidence on which to base actions
  • Cross-tabulation allows for comparison between different respondent types such as age groups
  • Open ended responses give respondents the chance to elaborate upon their views
  • Reach your target audience in a manner that best suits: email, social media, street or telephone interviews with online surveys in Jersey
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