Through the marriage of cutting edge eye-tracking technology with 4insight’s emotional probing expertise, we can add an extra dimension to all manners of user testing research, print ad, shop floor, gaming or app testing queries. Can customers efficiently navigate your site? Do they lose interest whilst doing so? Does your print ad concept attract the correct level of response? Is your product placement strategy refined to your customer’s searching patterns?

Whether utilising ‘walk through’ glasses, or desk/lap top, tablet and smartphone stations; we can perform user testing research at our usability lab or any location on nearly any subject matter, allowing you to view action and behaviours live and in the moment, adding any relevant questions.

We can run as many user testing research interviews as required, with multiple phases, using eye-tracking software with the added dimension of the biometric eye-tracking to evaluate user experience, navigation, behaviour. We can also include and understand users with accessibility issues, eg red/green colour blind, visually impaired. 

The eye tracking will provide extra depth of user insight, allow eye track ‘in the moment’ observation, on device recording as well as showing in the back room actual eye navigation and provide analytics in terms of time to 1st fixation, time to clicks, times of completion, heat maps & gaze plots. 


Click on this Case Study to read about how we used eye-tracking user testing (UX) interviews to gain in-depth insights of the user-journey and navigation of our clients’ brand new website, identifying key needs to enable a successful launch.

What Eyetracking UX Interviews can do for you:
  • Balance good creative design with clear user navigation
  • Professional UX Labs allow accurate recording and live observation
  • Add extra dimension of visual scan paths, time to first fixation, time to click, click throughs etc.
  • Production of heat maps, cluster tools and gaze plots to highlight user experience
  • Recording of user journey demonstrates usability strengths or issues
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