Focus groups

Focus groups

Through employing projective and enabling techniques, 4insight moderators can effectively address the values, motivations and emotions behind the decision making carried out by customers or employees. Groups can range in size from 4 to 10 individuals, with the ability for testing to be viewed through our one-way mirrors and video streamed live, via FocusVision, to anywhere around the globe. Focus groups are particularly useful in order to generate discussion points and ideas amongst the participants, encouraging challenging. Focus groups can be used for co-creation in order to develop brands, positioning, their communication materials and new products or services, and to tackle buying and trending behaviours that answer to social heuristics.

What this can do for you

Observe 4 to 10 individuals discuss your area of interest

Group environment leads to natural conversation

Projective techniques used to engage group for deeper understanding

Skilled moderator guides discussion to meet research objectives