With expertise in sophisticated marketing research techniques that allow us to best engage your target audience, a mix of both cutting edge and traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and a ‘can do’ attitude, we have the services and skills necessary to match your research needs.

Focus Groups

Watch your target audience express their views and experiences in a guided group environment Conducting focus groups ensure that we truly get the level of depth & understanding needed from BOTH the rational and emotional perspective on attitudes and perceptions. Projective and enabling techniques within the focus group methodology are utilised to explore perceptions at an individual and emotional level The qualitative focus groups are professionally facilitated/moderated by a senior member of 4insight All groups are held at our professional viewing facilities with one-way mirrors, or additionally held on a secure online marketing research platform

In-depth Interviews

Witness one to one conversations at a personal level

Eyetracking UX Interviews

Take user testing one step further with eye-tracking

Online Surveys

Reach a larger sample with our established panel

Behavioural Economics

The use of psychology to understand why economic choices are taken, and the best ways of influencing these actions


Working together with your customers can lead to a better design

Projective Techniques

Allow respondents to verbalize their views and experiences

Walled Online Communities

Securely build a research relationship with your target audience online

Market / Business Intelligence

What is the market doing, and what will it be doing?

Competitive Research

Gain a better understanding of where your business and competitors are currently and what the future may bring


Observation of individuals interchanges on the internet, and how this affects you


Quickly building rapport with respondents

Cognitive Psychology

Understanding how the human mind processes information can be highly useful


Capturing non-conscious insights


Use of signs and symbols within communications

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