Most new product/service developments need to include an assessment of the market addressed or an appreciation of the participants and dynamics in place, in the field. This can, either, be essential to underpin funding applications or to plan entry tactics/pricing strategy.

It can, also, be valuable to have insight on what has, previously, happened, in the market, especially if there are significant geographical or cultural differences, in the target market. Just because something sells, well, in the home market, this is no guarantee of success, elsewhere.

We have been active, in global market intelligence, for over 20 years, and have an in-depth understanding of what is needed to help a business expand its’ awareness and market reach

What Market / Business Intelligence can do for you:
  • Help in creating a strategic framework
  • Construct a target market model
  • Quantify market sizings
  • Identify/interview Key Opinion Leaders, in a particular field
  • Rate conference events/venues, for their usefulness
  • Assess competitive offerings
  • Identify inherent success/risk factors
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