We believe that any organization will make better decisions, about its’ actions and initiatives, if it possesses a good understanding of both how its’ products and services, and those of its’ competitors, are viewed, by its’ markets and customers. In addition, it helps to know what the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors are, and how they tend to react in various different sets of circumstances. One particularly key stage is that of new product/service competitive entry, in which we have expertise in depth.

Time and effort spent on research into these areas, particularly in the early stages of a venture, are rarely wasted and can, indeed, prove to be crucial, at key junctures in the business development life-cycle.

We have expertise covering a wide area, ranging from high-technology innovation, advanced materials, energy and clean-tech, to IT and developed services, including financial and legal applications. We use an inclusive approach designed to develop our clients skills and appreciation of their commercial environment.

What Competitive Research can do for you:
  • Show whether a new venture or initiative is feasible or not
  • Identify key venture priorities, for a marketing plan
  • Highlight staffing responsibility gaps and, sometimes, candidates to fill those gaps
  • Track actions/outcomes of key competitor actions/directions
  • Benchmark against competition and best-in-parallel classes
  • Indicate potential venture value and added-value elements
  • Train up key staff to be more responsive to competition
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