Our Observation Studio

The only professional viewing studio in the Channel Islands, helping you to gain non-intrusive insights

Observation Area Studio

The flexible space is perfect for:

Viewing options

The back room: Our generously sized viewing area allows us to happily accommodate over 12 of your stakeholders and gives you the chance to confidentially observe research in the moment through one way mirrors.

Video streaming: Additional viewing can take place from anywhere in the world and recordings are achieved for viewing at a time convenient to your interested parties.

Capabilities & Amenities

All rooms have air conditioning and are fitted with the latest state of the art equipment including video-streaming, eye tracking, digital recording to both MP3 and MP4, TVs, DVD playback, wi-fi & cable internet.

Hosting: A friendly dedicated host will ensure that you and your clients have everything you need to hand.

Catering: Catering can range from bespoke buffets to freshly prepared meals from award winning restaurants, including: French, Thai, Italian, British, Spanish, Indian, Chinese, Japanese.

Moderation/facilitation: We have professionally trained and experienced moderators that can facilitate your focus groups or workshops, eliciting what matters most to people, ie what’s their drivers/motivators/values/barriers.


The studio provides

Disabled access

Fridge with refreshments

Nespresso machine and tea facilities

Large TV for digital presentations

Colour relay monitor in viewing area