Financial and legal services

Financial and legal services

The Finance sector, along with support services, in legal, tax planning and accounting, is engaged in direct global competition, whilst at the same time being subject to heavy technologically-based disruption, from low cost operators and start-ups. The crucial ability to develop agile, nimble responses,when markets shift under disruptive pressure, can be critical, to protect business, but, at the same time, new opportunities are emerging, out of this transitionary period. These can expand the reach/offering of the Finance sector, if the businesses involved are aware/savvy enough to make good on these opportunities. We can help develop insight and awareness, of such opportunities.

As well as disruption, in core services, the Finance sector also faces the prospect of major changes, in internal process/staffing, as AI/Augmented Intelligence amplification, affect staffing numbers and change staffing roles. Whilst this is a key productivity opportunity, for many businesses, once again needing developing awareness and action, it is also an unsettling time, for many staff members. We can also help, in this area, through staff engagement research, talent retention assessments and best employer comparative research.

Legal Services face many of the same pressures, that Financial Services face, both from a cost perspective and the disruptive/opportunistic potential, that is approaching. In this era, it is vital that legal businesses are aware of how much their clients have choices, between competitors, competitive jurisdictions and levels of service. Keeping up to date with what drives client choice, on an emotional level, is of prime importance. We can provide effective research, to update this knowledge.

4insight can employ its wide range of honed qualitative techniques in order to extract valuable insight for the finance/legal sectors that has been largely unavailable through quantitative means.

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